About us

arc4 was established by Helen and Michael, our Managing Partners in 2007. We set up arc4 because we truly believe that high quality data and research is the cornerstone to making the right business decisions.

We have a core team of professional experts, each incredibly experienced in what we do, having all worked in housing and related fields for many years. Where necessary, we supplement the skills of our core team by working with dedicated associates as well as working in partnership with a wide range of consultants to ensure we tailor our services to best meet our clients' needs.

We are passionate about the research we undertake and work closely with clients to help them get the answers they need. We don’t clock watch but instead focus on quality and as a result, we are lucky enough to work with amazing clients time and time again. We choose to do this. We look forward to our work and tackle every new project with enthusiasm, commitment and integrity.

Our Managing Partners