arc⁴ has it covered

arc4 provides accurate housing market analysis and assessments that enables the private and public sector, landlords, developers and investors to make the right decisions.

Using sophisticated data collection and collation, we merge real-time information of rental values, sale prices, and time-to-let or sell, with national and local data on socio-economics, demographics and financial ‘health’ to create sector and/or locality specific profiles of the UK housing market.

From this, our expert team of analysts is able to produce a detailed overview of demand, affordability, and market trends for different property types in any location.

We also provide specific services to developers (including support with planning and legal/regulatory requirements) and undertake robust, evidence-based housing market and Gypsy Traveller Accommodation Assessments.

We undertake a wide range of customer engagement methods including council-wide and parish based sample surveys via household postal and online questionnaires, face-to-face surveying, qualitative stakeholder research, focus groups and we also undertake lettings/estate agent research to provide further evidential feedback.


arc4’s services cover nine specialist areas

arc4 operates predominantly across nine key areas of housing expertise, providing tailored support, analysis and advice that is delivered by specialists in their fields.


  • SHMAs and GTAAs

    Robust evidence bases in the form of Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) and Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessments (GTAA)

  • Housing needs surveys and assessments

    Offering Housing Needs Assessments (HNA), Local Housing Needs Assessments (LHNA) and Housing Needs Studies (HNS) to a wide range of clients, whilst adding considerable depth through our unique household surveys

  • Supporting specific household groups

    Promoting inclusivity in our research and complying with national planning policy to provide industry-leading insights into the needs of particular household groups

  • Housing strategy, homelessness and policy advice

    Taking an innovative approach to support clients to develop their strategic and policy response, to find solutions and to overcome critical challenges in their current market

  • Private Rented Sector (PRS)

    Providing market-leading expertise on the private rented sector and its segments. We’ll tell you where demand is strongest, types of properties to invest in and any other key information you need to make the right decision

  • Commercial and investment advice

    Supporting investors, developers and registered providers in both the private and public sector by providing expert foresight about potential investment opportunities

  • Urban and rural development

    Evidencing appropriate demand for both urban and rural development sites whether large or small, supporting clients to develop the optimum scheme

  • Renewal and regeneration

    Focusing on areas that require investment, tenure diversification, master planning and new homes to offer more choice for households, we support clients to make these important decisions

  • Bespoke research

    Utilising our extensive range of knowledge and data, we undertake research on a range of topics for a range of clients using robust and rigorous techniques and providing tailored recommendations