Supporting specific household groups

arc4 has developed its SHMA and HNS products to provide industry leading insights into the needs of particular groups. The company has recognised that published data is wholly inadequate to describe the housing support needs of disability client groups, and that household survey data will not reliably reflect the scale and type of housing and services needed to support smaller groups and those with complex needs.

The company has recruited a specialist associate to deliver the quantitative and qualitative information needed for local authorities to understand and provide for local needs and in particular, evidence the need for adopting the optional accessibility standards in planning policy.

This includes the needs of older people, service personnel, homeless households, people with learning disabilities, people of any age with behaviour that challenges, people with profound and intellectual disabilities, people with mental health issues, people with physical disabilities, people with sensory impairments, people requiring rehabilitation support, people leaving care, young people at risk, people experiencing domestic violence, ex offenders, asylum seekers, refugees and people unable to claim benefits.

Supporting specific household groups Case Studies