We have delivered over 100 Strategic Housing Market Assessments and 50 Gypsy Traveller Accommodation Assessments.

arc4 delivers robust and credible evidence bases to support local authority planning policies and housing strategies in the form of Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) and Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessments (GTAA).

Many of our studies have involved an objective assessment of need (OAN) for which we have developed advanced demographic and economic analysis tools. Customers are returning to this assessment methodology due to the latest practice guidance that has restored the need for considering uplifts to the standard method of assessment. All of our products are designed to exactly meet the requirements of the latest NPPF and practice guidance. We have successfully defended this work at local plan inquiries and planning appeals.

Many clients have chosen arc4 to update earlier work undertaken by arc4 or others or commissioned replacement studies. arc4 offers a blend of quantitative and qualitative research to ensure that studies reflect the place and provide insights into local circumstances.

Arc4 is a growing force within the market place for Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessments due to an impartial and fine-grained approach, tried and tested methodology and a policy of working closely with traveller households.

The company is proud to play a significant role in helping to support sustainable development policy based upon sound social research and understanding socio-economic dynamics and trends.

SHMAs and GTAAs Case Studies